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The Little Prince is a comical arcade game adaptation of the novella of the same name by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The prince is no longer the little boy that he once was. He's old, bitter, and redneck, yet he works all day long to protect his beloved rose, who is the planet B-612's source of gravity. The rose's glass shell can only withstand a limited amount of damage. It's up to the prince to keep her safe from an influx of wild sheep and an overgrowth of baobab trees, which weakens the rose's roots.


 Kick, grab, and throw incoming wild sheep into the nearest volcano. Also, save the planet B-612 from an overgrowth of baobab trees by kicking them down as they relentlessly try to grow. By doing so, earn points and build a high score.

Additional Gameplay Details

  • Lose condition: when the rose runs out of health or when 3 baobab trees are fully grown.
  • There is no win condition. The goal is to survive for as long as possible and score points.
  • Successfully throwing a sheep into a volcano spawns a beer bottle somewhere on the planet. Collecting 3 of these bottles restores a bit of the rose's health.
  • The farther your distance from the volcano when you throw, the higher your earned score.
  • A perfect throw amounts to 700 points.
  • For every successive 1000 points earned, the enemy spawn time is increased.
  • For every perfect throw, you're rewarded with a decrease in enemy spawn time.



  • Enter - Start/Pause
  • Esc - Quit (at title screen)
  • WASD - Move
  • Space - Kick/Grab
  • Right Alt (hold) - Aim your throw direction
  • Right Alt (tap/release) - Throw

Xbox One / Xbox 360 controller:

  • A - Start/Pause
  • B - Quit (at title screen)
  • Left Analog Stick - Move
  • X - Kick/Grab
  • Y (hold) - Aim your throw direction
  • Y (tap/release) - Throw

PS4 controller:

  • Square - Start/Pause
  • Cross - Quit (at title screen)
  • Left Analog Stick - Move
  • Circle - Kick/Grab
  • Triangle (hold) - Aim your throw direction
  • Triangle (tap/release) - Throw


This prototype was developed as a student game adaptation project at the Cologne Game Lab.

  • Anil Ayaz - Senior 3D Artist, VFX Artist, Concept Artist, Dialogue Scriptwriter
  • Krishna Kumar - UI Programmer, Audio Programmer
  • Muhammad Ali Bari - Game Designer, Gameplay Programmer
  • Ohana Tozato - UI Artist, Junior 3D Artist, Concept Artist, Sound Designer, Voice-over (Rose)

Additional Credits


TheLittlePrince_Win (ver.1.0.1).rar 47 MB


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The Little Prince? As in the movie? Naw I'm just kidding. But that's what popped up in my head as soon as I read the title.